Simple Multithreading Operating System

05 Feb 2009

As the final project for my computer systems engineering class at Illinois I developed as part of our final group project a simple multi threaded operating system which allows POSIX like programs to run. It offers a text and graphical user interface as well as several built in commands. It runs in QEMU using the standard QEMU emulated hardware interfaces. Developed as a demo for our final project it demonstrates time based multithreading, paging, hardware interface abstraction, and several different unix like applications.

See more about the class here

To run the demo boot Qemu with VGA graphical support using the following disk image:


also download and install QEMU and run the following command line to boot the machine

qemu -M pc -hda SMOS.img -std-vga -m 256


Type "help" to see a list of available commands

to run the external shell type "run shell"

to run in graphical mode type "video"

to run the fish demo type run fish or from the shell just "fish"

when in graphical mode type show <image> to display a tiff image at the cursor position