• Reprap Prusa Mendel

    Reprap Prusa Mendel

    Part of any hardware project is the actual hardware - be a circuit board - or project case or mechanical base for a robot. Since I like building small things - and I also sometimes build small robots or other projects that involve some hardware component - I have always struggled building the mechanical pieces to attach motors and gears or enclosures etc. Hopefully this is about to change. After much research and deliberation I have started building a Reprap More specifically a SAE Prusa Mendel variant. I chose these because I think this will give me the most flexibility at the absolute lowest cost. Once this is operational I plan on using it to print out robot platforms - front panels - or small hardware pieces to attach servos or other parts onto frames or anything else I can think of. Finally I really want to try and see if it could be used as a pick and place machine - or perhaps find other uses for manufacturing small parts I have.

  • Adding bluetooth to the Lenovo S10 11G3G

    Adding bluetooth to the Lenovo S10 11G3G

    This was a slightly old project but an easy way to save 20 bucks in half an hour, this is a really quick modification to add a cheap chinese bluetooth module to the lenovo S10 or S11G3G netbook.

  • D2 Audio Integrated Amp

    D2 Audio Integrated Amp

    The power supply in my media center PC bit the dust over winter break, so in the process of tearing everything apart to get the power supply out I had to remove an integrated audio amp supposedly rated at 50W per channel into 6 channels from what limited information I could find online. It was interesting to me for two reasons, its small size, and the fact that it is a digital (PWM) style of amp Fitting all this into something the size of my hand was impressive. So I took some pictures of it to see how it worked, and how they managed to fit the entire system into such a tiny space.

  • Reverse Engineering a small USB graphic display

    Reverse Engineering a small USB graphic display

    I picked up a media center PC off ebay a year or two ago and used it every day, but I never bothered to get a Small USB status display to work on the front. I set out a few weeks ago to write a working driver and get the display operational. Using some libusb magic and a user space application to communicate with the display I designed a simple clock that had full color image backgrounds, freetype font rendering of the time, and many other possibilities.

  • Sony XDCAM EX-1 + Pantilt Wireless controller

    Sony XDCAM EX-1 + Pantilt Wireless controller

    Well again, our church needed something that is not available. With all the tours and moving around that they do, they use a lot of remote control cameras to film the audience.

  • Simple Multithreading Operating System

    Simple Multithreading Operating System

    As the final project for my computer systems engineering class at Illinois I developed as part of our final group project a simple multi threaded operating system which allows POSIX like programs to run.

  • Universal Electronic Credit Card

    Universal Electronic Credit Card

    Imagine only having one card for all your needs, for your credit card, ID's and other card based access systems. The Universal Electronic Credit Card is designed to allow anyone to only carry one card for most common systems. From School ID's to credit cards this is designed to symplify your life.