Universal Electronic Credit Card

02 Feb 2009

The Universal Electronic Credit Card was developed as my senior Design project at University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. I developed this with my Friend Aleks Rozman, Imagine only having one card for all your needs, for your credit card, ID's and other card based access systems. In todays world we live with many authentication systems which are not interoperable with each other. The Universal Electronic Credit Card is designed to allow anyone to only carry one card for most common systems. From School ID's to credit cards this is designed to symplify your life.

Simplifying your wallet without enhanced security is useless, thus this design incorporates several security features that traditional ID's do not contain.

Incorporating a full color 1in OLED screen, magnetic strip emulator and tactile switch keypad this Card is the state of the art in high security personal ID systems.

In a nutshell it is a new type of credit card which can emulate many existing magnetic stripe cards. with Manufacturing costs starting under $10 dollars it allows the user to emulate an almost unlimited number of credit cards in one credit card sized emulator. It is designed to be backwards compatible with all existing credit card readers as well as be expandable in the future to work with new technologies such as smart card readers, RFID and simple bar code scanners.

Read my origional class paper

Soon rfid too!